Mom, Incorporated is hosting a raffle for a free set of 6 Yummi Pouch reusable food pouches for babies and kids on the go. Enter every day through April 20th.

I’ve been making my son’s baby food and later toddler food from scratch since he first started on solids. It all started when someone gave me a copy of Ruth Yaron’s Super Baby Food when I was pregnant. I put it away and didn’t think about it again until baby was 6 months old. By this time I was back to work full time and baby was in daycare. Feeling the mom guilt that so many of us have for going back to work, I decided that making his food at home from scratch using only organic ingredients was the best way to compensate for that.

Super Baby Food is an exceptional book. I know it’s old and some things change, but there is so much information that you can just take what you want and leave the rest. I made the homemade cereal and fruit and veggie purees on the weekends and stored them in reusable baby food storage containers which were each the perfect serving size. A friend gave me a Beaba Babycook Baby Food Maker but I found I had just as much luck steaming the vegetables on the stovetop and using the immersion blender.

This was great and lasted until my little guy got a little older and didn’t want to spoon feed anymore. Finger foods were much more fun of course but this made it less likely that my guy would be eating “icky” foods like spinach or kale. Then, one day at Target we discovered the baby food pouches. There are tons of them now, Ella’s Kitchen, Happy Tot, Plum Organics, etc. and the little guy loved them. He’d beg for one at the grocery store before we even got to check out. Hooray, he was eating greens again!

Then the sticker shock. These pouches, while convenient, were expensive. I’d hunt down coupons online and hoard them when they came in the mail. I even started to order them by the box through Amazon.com’s Subscribe & Save. And then I became desperate to find a way to make my own. The only produce on the market was the Beaba Babypote, a silicone squeeable pouch, which received terrible reviews that I ignored and purchased it anyway. Bad move. The reviews were right and the product, despite it’s good intentions, was all wrong.

Green Smoothie Ice Pops

Green Smoothie Ice Pops

Eventually we moved on. I got a Vitamix for Mother’s Day (the best gift ever ever ever). I started making my own smoothies and everyone in the family loved them. You can add anything in the Vitamix – fruit, veggies, greens, nuts, and if you have the right combination it will taste great (even though sometimes they turn out green). So now that’s what we do and everyone has become used to it. I even freeze the leftovers and make ice pops out of them, which are also a big hit.

Recently I started working for Mom, Incorporated and have the awesome job of interviewing mom entrepreneurs. Through this I was introduced to Katie Wallace, the woman behind the Yummi Pouch. The what? The Yummi Pouch, a reusable, re-fillable baby food pouch that is dishwasher safe. Is this not exactly the invention I was hoping for just a year ago? It is! While my lil guy is now three and won’t touch anything mushy, I do have another baby on the way. I know it’s a few months out until she’s eating solids and even longer before she’s feeding herself but I am so glad to know that when that time comes I have a way to make my own food for her!

Mom, Incorporated is hosting an online raffle through April 20th. One lucky participant will win a set of 6 Yummi Pouches. It’s free to enter and open to residents of the United States. Who doesn’t like free?

Are you making homemade food for your baby or toddler? What are your favorite resources and tools?