As frequent transplant to a new city, I’ve had to quickly learn the lay of the land and find activities to do with my toddler.

IMG_4138It took me a year and a half in Florida to get my bearings but by the time we left I felt like I had a great handle on where to go, what to do, and how not to spend on a ton while I’m at it. Of course I had some rookie mistakes along the way but that experience taught me a lot that I was able to use when I moved to my next new city, Seattle.

Now that I’ve been here for just over two months, I’ve accumulated a list of my go-to sources for information on what’s happening and where to go. Here are my favorites (in no particular order):

Seattle’s Child magazine produces a weekly calendar of events that you can elect to have emailed to you daily. I regularly check the calendar and use it to find fun activities to plug into our schedule for the week.

Red Tricycle also produces a newsletter that contains interesting things happening in and around the Seattle area, especially special events taking place over the weekend.

Parent Map is a monthly magazine that can be found at kids activity places around the city. Their website also has a great calendar that lists both weekly and one-time special events, is sorted by category and marks which activities are free.

Sigby: New to the market, this site aggregates kids’ activities and camps and allows you to register for multiple places using one universal registration form (pretty nifty idea). Use the code SHARE-81215 during the checkout process to get a one time $10 credit on the first activity you book. There are numerous meetup groups for moms or families in Seattle or that are specific to certain neighborhoods. It sometimes takes a while to get approved for membership in these groups (I have no idea why) but members post listings for events and activities, which even if you can’t attend due to time or day conflicts, will still give you some great ideas for activity places.

Am I missing anything? Are there other resources you have in Seattle to find fun things to do?  For those of you in other cities, are there resources you use regularly to find activities for your little ones?