It seems like I just bought the toddler a new pair of sneakers just yesterday. But since we were in Florida where there are no seasons, I really don’t know when it was. Could have been August, could have been December.

He’s 2, will be turning 3 soon. I had him in size 7’s for the longest time and had an awesome pair of size 8 Columbia’s waiting for him in the closet. By the time he started complaining that his feet were hurting and we brought him to the shoe store to be measured (to see if he was a 7.5 or an 8), he was already an 8.5, which means the adorable awesome Columbia sneakers I bought him on sale at Marshall’s were useless.

So, we let him pick out bright orange and gray Nike’s at JCPenny and we got him a size 9 thinking he’d have some room to grow.

It’s only been a few months and he’s starting to trip and complain that his feet hurt. So here we go again. This time I took to the internet because I’m pregnant and tired and have no idea where to buy good quality kids sneakers in Seattle. I’m sure there’s a place I just didn’t want to google it, read the reviews then try to navigate my way there. I just want the shoes and I want it to be easy.

We first searched on and I let my son pick out these adorable Saucony Jazz in gray with bright yellow. Yes, my son loves his bright colors. $34 on Amazon with free shipping was not too bad. But then I got to thinking, how could I see if there was a better price somewhere while also *making* some cash back on this purchase?

Ta Da! Upromise to the rescue! 

Join Upromise!

I logged in to my Upromise account and searched for Saucony toddler, found that ShoeBuy was selling them and offering 10% cash back savings for college, free shipping and …. 20% off the purchase price! So, I was able to buy the little guy the same pair of shoes at a discount. And as an added bonus, if they don’t fit we can return or exchange them for free.

Overall, I’m pretty darn happy with my online shopping tonight. I bought something I needed. I saved money and I made money. Not too bad for a Friday night!