Today’s post is a guest blog from none other than my awesome spouse who wrote this one the plane during this week’s business trip. Thanks, honey. It’s nice to be recognized and to hear this other perspective….Image

You hear the accolades all the time…in every airport sky lounge, in bars that local business people haunt “I am so lucky my wife married me,” “I wouldn’t be able to travel like this without the mother of my kids staying home,” etc. As a corporate professional I have heard these lines more times than I would readily admit to my own SAHM. The difference is that I do believe these things and so much more being a CLWOTRTSMF (Corporate Lesbian Working on the road to support my family).

My wife is very talented. Without much admitted bias I will submit she is one of the best writers I know. She has also done extraordinary things in her career including hosting events  at New York University for Martha Stewart, and single-handedly growing Alumni Programs to double and triple their membership base in months…not decades. If you need raffle tickets sold…there is none other than Annie to sell through hundreds of them.

As a fellow mom you probably expect me to tell you about how I think about my children on the road, pack their lunches before I leave, take clothing to be mended with me on plane trips, but the truth is I don’t. When I am on business, I am doing just that…business. My job demands that I focus completely on being the best I can be and as a nontraditional worker I cannot compete with my peers by doing an equivalent job to theirs, but must swim circles around them to be recognized as an equal. Oh, and I also get paid X% less than they do while doing it.

My secret to success? That’s easy. My wife is a coach, mentor, fashion coordinator, speech editor, confidante, physical fitness coach, dietician, chauffeur, housing and move coordinator, real estate agent, financial accountant, buyer, spiritual advisor, travel agent, and a working mom. As an alternative family we don’t have the same resources as a traditional family.  I could brag to my male corporate peers but they wouldn’t ever understand the depth of support I receive from this extraordinarily talented woman. Sure they love their wives and the mothers of their children, but every single paycheck I receive should really have her name listed first and my name as a supporting actress.