I am a corporate wife. I didn’t realize it for a long time, but now I must face the facts. I was thirty-four when I had my son almost three years ago. I was living a nice life in Minneapolis as a young professional working full-time at what I thought was a good, well-paying, respectable job. Then, my partner got a new job. A really good job with a company that paid to relocate us. To South Florida. Suburban South Florida. So we took our son out of daycare, I put in my notice, and we moved to the burbs.

The good thing about the burbs is that is can be a little more affordable than the city. Rents were reasonable and we found much bigger house to live in. And that’s the story of how I became a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom). At first I was a WAHM (work-at-home-mom) because my former employer kept me on for a few months while they hired and I trained my replacement. That was a great transition for me, though the 20 hours of work per week that were expected of me were often hard to manage while also caring for a young toddler. I’ll confess to relying on Dora the Explorer as babysitter a few more times than I would like to admit but sorry, bud, conference calls don’t always get scheduled during nap time!

That lasted a few months and slowly died down and I adjusted to my new life as the primary caregiver for our energetic and sweet toddler. And then, just as I was getting the swing of things, finding my way around, making a weekly schedule of activities (YMCA, tumbling class, meet ups) WHAM I got the news. My partner got a promotion. How wonderful! Well, on paper mostly. It’s a career ladder move with not much monetary change. And, it’s in Seattle. That’s 3,355 miles directly across the country. Hadn’t we just made a substantial move just a year and a half ago? Yes. And here we are again.

I am a corporate wife because I will go where we go. I will move our family to where the work takes us. I will care for our children (now expecting baby #2) and support my spouse because it is her career that is supporting our family. It can be like a military family who moves when the soldier is stationed at another base. Only, there is no support network of other corporate transplant wives similar to the resources available to military families. Sometimes it is hard. Sometimes it is ugly. But it is certainly an adventure.

Join me and share stories, tips and resources for making this ever-moving life into an awesome adventure.